WebSearch Panels for MediaMonkey

The following script adds as many panels as defined to the MediaMonkey screen. Eeach of these panels performs a specific web search on Artist, Title of Album.The script needs a XML file as a configuration file.




Using the Installer

You can download and use this installation program Note: If you already have a site configuration file, this file won’t get overwritten!

Manual installation

Installing script

Copy this script code, paste it to an empty text file and save it to „%MM_DIR%/Scripts/Auto/WebSearch.vbs“.

Setting up the configuration file

The configuration file needs to be named WebSearch.xml and must be located in the same directory as the script.

For each site, you need a entry in this file with the following parameters:

parameter description example
name a unique name for the site. This is used internally only, but must really be unique… <name> GoogleMusic </name>
caption The caption of the panel <caption> Google Music </caption>
description The desription is shown in the „Search“ menu bar <description> Search current Artist in Google Music </description>
start the start page that is shown when no title is played <start> http://www.google.com/musicsearch?q= </start>
url The „url“ parameter is the Web Search URL, and the placeholders %artist%, %title% asd %album% are replaced accordingly. <url> http://www.google.com/musicsearch?q=%artist%&res=artist </url>

As an example, see this file. You can use it as a starting point. Copy the xml code to an empy text file. Throw away the entries you don’t want or don’t need. Add new sites if you want.

Using the script

Start (or re-start) MediaMonkey. For each <site> entry you put in xml file, one panel will be opened. You can close those you don’t want to be open at the moment. To re-open a panel, in the Search Toolbar click on the „Search The Web“ button and choose desired site.

Saving Lyrics and Comments

Let’s suppose you want to save the lyrics fetched from lyrics-songs.com site to ID3 tag. Just play a song a wait for the panel to show the lyrics. Select the lyrics text and press „Lyrics“ button. Done! No CTRL+C is needed in this case. Same procedure to save a text to Comment field.
If, for some reason, the text you want to paste is outside the panel (a text file, for example) do the following: DO NOT select any text inside the panel itself, just open the file, select the text and copy it (now CTRL+C is needed). Come back to MediaMonkey and press the „Lyrics“ or „Comment“ button. Done! Your text is saved in corresponding field.

Working with local html files

This method works with local files as well. As a POC use the following HTML file, save it somewhere and make an entry to WebSearch.xml for the file like

    Displays Information on the current song

The corresponding HTML file:

Artist:  Title:  Album:  

Known errors

Error #424 – Microsoft VBScript runtime error

You’ll get this error without a valid configuration file in place


Support is given at the MediaMonkey support forum.

11 Antworten auf „WebSearch Panels for MediaMonkey“

  1. Jörgs, I just installed Web Search Panels and just can’t believe how good this is. Fantastic thank you for all your hard work. I have only one problem that I can’t figure out and that is getting the lyrics from website to fix to the tags. You mention a Lyric’s BUTTON? Am I just stupid (LOL) I can copy simply by copying and pasting to the tags but if there is an automated way of doing this …. well easy is always better. But for the life of me I can’t find a Lyrics Buttom anywhere on MM3!
    If you have the time and can help me I would be very appreciative.
    Great work mate
    Cheers from Oz

  2. Brett,

    you should have two buttons, one named „Lyrics“ and the other one „Comments“ (as seen on th escreenshots). Clicing one of them will copy the marked text into the respective field.


  3. This is an awesome script, but it is sadly out of date. Is there any chance that you will update this to v0.3 of the Lyrics Plugin?

  4. Really nice script !
    As James said, an update for the v0.3 of Lyrics plugin would be really great, as this latest version allow to configure the size (and color) of the lyrics pages.
    Thanks for your work !
    JaneAir (Fanny 😉 )

  5. Hi,
    i’ve have modified your code so it’s not performing a search if the panels are not open. I had some problems because of the huge list of panels I have created so it was hanging for a few sec between each track.
    I’m not sure it’s the best way (i’m not a programmer) but it seems to work.

    Line 592

    if Panels(Key).Visible Then
    end if

  6. I’ve been using the WebSearch script with MediaMonkey and lyricsplugin.com for almost 3 years now without any problem. Recently though the plugin window only shows a blank page. I think it is a problem with the lyricsplugin.com servers (the pages are blank in internet browers too), but I figured you would probably want to know about the issue anyway.

    The only substitute site I can find with similar text formatting is lyricswiki.org, but that site truncates the full lyrics.

    I really hope something can be done to fix the issue with lyricsplugin.com. That site was PERFECT. If not, thanks for the script, jn, it had a great run.

  7. Lyricsplugin.com no longer returns a blank page – now it’s this:

    Escape From Monster Isle
    Monsta Island Czars

    [ Search Google ]

  8. Hi,

    have the same problem. Lyricsplugin only returns „upgrade to 0.4“ or something, ither lyrics sites Ive found have different formatting, and so no lyrics ;-( would be nice if there were a fix available! It was really a great tool!!!

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